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Patient Reviews

Very friendly and through

“Very friendly and through”

friendly staff and a very pleasant, relaxing experience!

“Friendly staff and a very pleasant”

They are wonderful! I highly recommend them! They have an extensive menu for skin care and treatments and really know their business! Love this place and their staff!

“I highly recommend them!”

Very professional and wonderful personal

“Very professional and wonderful personal”

The Medical Assistants, Susan and Janet are friendly and accommodating. Dr. Brown is very caring and efficient. Dr. Brown provides a great deal of information on the procedures and spends time on customizing your procedures in accordance with to your medical history.

“Dr. Brown is very caring and efficient”

Very professional staff. For the past 4.5 weeks I have been using Zo Skin Health Products. I want to show my results because I am so happy with the results now. At first, I was scared because my skin was burning and it looked so red for the first 2 weeks but later it started to feel and look better little by little. I had uneven skin tone, little acne and pigmentation started to appear so I looked for a solution and I found Sensational Skin who make my dream come truth in having again a healthy looking skin. I use a daily powder defense everyday after my am routine as my SPF. I am very consistent with my am/pm routine and once in a while I skip melamin C. I am loving them so far. Pricey but worth it. Last, I want to say that the customer service is awesome at this place. They really make you feel great everytime you visit and take pictures of your progress. I will definitely recommend anyone to try out the products and at first you might get scare by looking at your skin reaction and burning sensation because the products are active but everything gets back to normal a few days or weeks later. I am confident these are the best cosmeceutical in my quest for pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne or antiaging. Also, check out their website for anything you need to know.

“The customer service is awesome at this place”

This review is way overdue, but better late than never. I wish I had found Susan, Jamie & Dr. Brown earlier! I’m pretty excited to write this review actually as I want the whole world to know how great the people at Sensational skin are. I finished my acne treatment about 4 months ago and now on maintenance and I am more than pleased to say that my skin has stayed completely clear ever since. Is this a dream? I just pinched myself and I still have clear skin, THANK GOD. In summary, Sensational Skin is the BEST thing I’ve ever found when it comes to getting clear skin. BIG shoutouts to Susan and Jamie who are absolutely amazing human beings. They are very knowledgeable, professional yet friendly and encouraging. I know I have called a lot on my more difficult days! They have once been acne sufferers themselves so they go above and beyond to help all the patients. Their compassion and dedication is unreal!! 

Now, if you aren’t already convinced, please keep on reading as I tell you honestly more about my background story. I first got acne in my teens and it only got worse in my 20s. Similarly to other acne sufferers, I’ve tried almost everything during the 12 years of battling with acne. I first started out by wasting money on OTC products like Proactive, which just dried out and further irritated my skin. And while birth control pills supposedly help some people, it was completely ineffective for me. I saw dermatologist’s who prescribed oral doxycycline and topical ointments. While my skin did calm down, after a few years I went back to square zero once I stopped taking the meds due to unwanted side effects. I even went as far as trying Accutane for a few months but the side effects were too severe (some depressed thoughts) so it just wasn’t worth it. Last summer when I wasn’t on any medication my skin, along with self-confidence, hit rock bottom. I got large inflamed cysts and nodules that lie under the skin. Where you ask? They were on my forehead, cheeks, chin, just ALL OVER my face. And they were extremely painful to touch. No amount of makeup was able to hide them. It was horrible to look at myself in the mirror so I just avoided all of them. I was pretty frustrated as I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I knew not to give up just, so I spent hours googling everything acne related. This time I really hit jackpot as I stumbled upon Sensational Skin in Scottsdale. After looking over the website, I was 110% sure this was the place I would give it a try next because why not? After failing so many times I thought it just couldn’t get any worse.

After getting an appointment, they sent me an email with some before and afters. I came in for consultation and Susan, the Dr.’s assistant met with me. She explained my options for acne treatment involving topical medications, laser treatment + follow-up during the first weeks. When I first got to Sensational Skin clinic I was taken by how elegant the office interior design. They seem to be building more treatment rooms and expanding, so a little over busy when I first came in. During the 30 min. consultation, Susan educated me all about acne I had never learnt elsewhere. She also explained the process and pieced together a game plan that would work best for me. It’s a strict regimen and hard to stick to at first but trust me, it’s totally doable. You know they say no pain no gain, right? When you’re about to deviate from the regimen just think of the glorious clear skin you’ll have in the end and that should do the trick. There was the purging phase at first, which means all the acne under the skin will be brought up to the surface and you look worse at first, but the special cover-up helps you. After about 6 weeks I started to look and feel much better. It took some time to see the full results but 6 months felt like the blink of an eye compared to 12 years if you get what I mean. All I had to do was to patiently stick to the regimen and get in-person extractions, a few quick injections with Dr. Brown, and the laser treatments.

Susan & Dr. Brown has helped me and there are not enough words to describe how thankful I am for all that they have done for me. Sensational Skin completely transformed my skin from severe cystic acne to clear even smooth skin. All that is left are a few acne scars but that’s a minor problem compared to before. If you are still hesitating about which clinic to choose, look no further, really. There is no one like Dr. Brown, Susan and there team out there who treat acne, pigmentation, and educate you for long term results. I recommend them to my friends, family, and even enemies if I had one. Good luck to all acne sufferers out there, I know how devastating it can feel to have acne but don’t give up yet! There is plenty of hope and clear skin is just within your reach with Sensational Skin’s help.

If you’re reading this, Susan, I hope you know I am forever thankful from the bottom of my heart. You’ve changed my life for the better.

*Individual Results May Vary

“I want the whole world to know how great the people at Sensational skin are”

I just completed a package of Cool Sculpting here and I really had an excellent experience. The office is very nice and the front desk staff are great!

Consultations are complimentary and very thorough! I met with Susan for my consult and she was extremely knowledgeable about Cool Sculpting and answered all of my questions. I had been researching it for quite some time and I finally decided to do it.

It is a little awkward getting in front of someone in your skivvies and having your problem areas handled but I was impressed how much time went into assessing which hand pieces and which areas would need treatment to get the results I desired. Susan makes the whole process very comfortable 🙂

The same happens before each hand piece is applied to ensure correct placement for the best results! Not to mention I’m pretty sure they have just about the nicest treatment rooms. Giant flat screen tv with Apple TV, movies and tv shows galore and netflix. Plush robes, blankets, and a nice remote control chair so you are super comfy laying back watching a movie for a couple hours. They also have 3 machines (wow!) so you can do multiple hand pieces at once! Susan always comes to check if your comfortable too. I can see this becoming very addicting! Will definitely be back for more areas and will update review in a few weeks when I see the results. I also have 2 more Velashape treatments to go as well.

Go check it out!

“Will definitely be back”

I had severe acne with dark pigmentation from the age of 13. I tried every type of skin care product available. Nothing would clear the acne or lighten the pigmentation. Occasionally, I stumbled onto a product that would keep these conditions under control, but would not clear the acne up. Finally at the age of 30 I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of being embarrassed by my skin and tired of people seeing my skin and not seeing me.

I met with Susan at Sensational Skin. She designed an in-office acne treatment plan that included the Obagi products that I used at home, both in the morning and the night. Susan has worked with me to the point of not only clearing my skin of acne but also giving me beautiful glowing skin with no signs of dark pigmentation.

When I think about the condition of my skin prior to visiting Sensational Skin and the way that my skin is today, I become speechless. Gaining beautiful skin has elevated my self-confidence. I used to apply heavy make-up and avoid bright light to help camouflage the appearance of my skin. Now I wear very little make-up and no longe3r feel insecure. My co-workers and family are always commenting on the fact that my skin is now beautiful. Changing the appearance of my skin has changed my life!

“Changing the appearance of my skin has changed my life!”

As I aged, I noticed that my skin had changed color due to rosacea. This was new to me as I did not have skin problems when I was younger.

Then, four years ago, my skin broke out in a horrible case of acne. The rosacea became even more red with this condition. I tried everything over the counter available to treat the acne and nothing worked. The conditioned seemed to worsen with each day.

I became so embarrassed by the appearance of my skin that it started to affect my work and social life. I did not want to visit my clients and I certainly did not want to venture out into the public. I decided to seek help from a skin care specialist.

I found Sensational Skin and made an appointment during my lunch break. Susan met with me and encouraged me to aggressively treat my acne and rosacea condition. We began skin care treatment with PhotoFacial and the Obagi Nu-Derm program. In two weeks, both the rosacea and the acne were gone. Though the conditions reversed, I have stayed on this program since my first appointment at Sensational Skin. I also take great comfort in knowing that as long as Susan Brown and Sensational Skin are around, I can maintain the beautiful appearance of my skin!

“I can maintain the beautiful appearance of my skin!”
*Individual results may vary


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