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Hyperdilute Radiesse Conveniently located to serve Scottsdale and surrounding areas

Hyperdilute Radiesse is a spreadable biostimulator made from a diluted formulation of Radiesse. Its primary goal is to remodel and achieve skin rejuvenation over a larger area. Sensational Skin offers hyperdilute Radiesse in Scottsdale, which is an ideal solution if you’re looking to bring back your beautiful, voluminous skin.

This quick and completely non-surgical treatment can be used in areas such as:

  • Décolletage (the area under your neck and between your breasts)
  • Mid and lower face
  • Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Above the knees

What Is Hyperdilute Radiesse?

Radiesse is an FDA-approved dermal filler used to correct imperfections in the skin. Hyperdilute Radiesse, on the other hand, is thinned-out Radiesse mixed with saline solution and lidocaine. It acts as a skin-rejuvenation treatment.

Hyperdilute Radiesse contains microcrystals of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which is responsible for creating fresh collagen and elastin fibers in the tissues. This unique collagen stimulation treatment strengthens the skin and creates long-lasting results that appear quite natural.

Hyperdilute Radiesse works well in treating stubborn cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. It also provides a collagen boost for areas like the thighs and arms.

Additionally, hyperdilute Radiesse is an excellent option for buttocks augmentation. The volume it creates looks and feels very natural. Its buttocks-enhancement results can be apparent for up to two years.

Is Hyperdilute Radiesse Right for Me?

Anybody who’s in general good health can get a hyperdilute Radiesse treatment. It’s a great way to deal with aesthetic problems such as crepe-like skin, skin laxity, wrinkles, age lines, and even areas of cellulite.

Your Hyperdilute Radiesse Consultation

During your hyperdilute Radiesse consultation, you’ll discuss your full medical history. This includes any medical issues or allergies you may have. Dr. Brown may also ask about any prescription medications you’re currently taking. As part of your consultation, Dr. Brown will determine how many treatment sessions you will undergo.

The Procedure

Hyperdilute Radiesse is a quick 30-minute in-office treatment. Dr. Brown will inject it into your skin with a cannula. This ensures that the solution reaches thinner areas where the skin is crepe-like and saggy.

After hyperdilute Radiesse is injected, it will immediately provide volume and correction in your skin. Results are visible for a minimum of 15 months.

Techniques for CaHa biosimulation

Healing and Recovery

One of the major benefits of hyperdilute Radiesse is zero downtime. You’ll be able to get on with your normal life as soon as the procedure is completed and can get back to your workout schedule in just three days.

There may be some slight bruising at the injection areas, but this normally only lasts up to a week.

The Cost of Hyperdilute Radiesse

The cost of hyperdilute Radiesse starts at $1,500. The final price depends on factors such as:

  • The amount of correction needed
  • The number of syringes needed
  • The number of treatment sessions needed
  • Whether other procedures will be performed

It’s best to discuss full costs with Dr. Brown during your consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation

Get your hyperdilute Radiesse treatment today with Dr. S. Kent Brown, a pioneer in injecting Radiesse. Schedule your hyperdilute Radiesse in Scottsdale and enjoy youthful-looking skin

*Individual results may vary


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