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Obagi Professional-C Serum Scottsdale

Conveniently located to serve Scottsdale

Maximum Antioxidant Protection

Obagi Professional-C Serum is an antioxidant serum designed to combat signs of aging, restoring brighter, healthier, and younger-looking skin. Patients looking to get Obagi Professional-C Serum in Scottsdale can visit Sensational Skin.

Is Obagi Professional-C Serum Right for Me?

Your skin deserves all the protection you can give it from daily exposure to the sun’s damaging rays and environmental conditions that cause premature aging. Visible signs of aging, those fine lines and wrinkles, are caused by tiny molecules known as ‘free radicals.’ Free radicals dramatically multiply with exposure to sun, air pollution and other environmental assaults, ravaging skin cells and breaking down collagen that gives skin its youthful resilience.

Patients who want to protect against damage from free radicals and prevent premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles may find Obagi Professional-C Serum to be an ideal option.*

This medical-grade vitamin C product is perfect for all skin types. Patients with dark spots or uneven skin tone are suitable candidates for Obagi Professional-C Serum. It is perfect for patients with mild to moderate signs of skin aging.

To maintain skin health, candidates must be able to commit to consistent use of Obagi Professional-C Serum.

Your Appointment

During your consultation, we will determine your skin health and the severity of your skin issues. We will listen to your skincare goals and learn about your skincare routine. An evaluation of your medical history will be included in the consultation, and we will also check your skin sensitivity.

We will recommend the right Obagi Professional-C Serum for your needs. The Obagi serum comes in three concentrations of L-ascorbic acid: 10%, 15%, and 20%.

Patients with sensitive skin are suitable for the 10% concentration. Most skin types can use 15%, while 20% is perfect for patients with normal to oily skin.

How to Use Obagi Professional-C Serum

Obagi Professional-C Serum will be incorporated into the patient’s skincare routine. Cleanser, scrub, exfoliator, and toner can be applied prior to using the serum. The patient can then apply 5-7 drops, depending on the skin area.

If the patient is using a retinol or retinoid at night, the Obagi Professional-C Serum should be used in the morning. The patient can also use sunscreen during the morning.

Moisturizer and eye cream can be applied after the Obagi Professional-C Serum. Lastly, the patient can put on makeup.

Proper Storage of Obagi Professional-C Serum

The container must be closed right after applying the serum. It should be stored in a cool and dark area like a refrigerator for a longer shelf life. However, it must not be stored in a freezer.

The Cost of Obagi Professional-C Serum

The cost of Obagi Professional-C Serum will depend on factors such as the concentration. Price will increase with higher concentrations.

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about Obagi Professional-C Serum in Scottsdale, visit us at Sensational Skin. We will address all your questions about the product and recommend the most suitable concentration for your skin. Contact us today for your appointment!

*Individual results may vary


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