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Acne Laser Treatment Scottsdale

Amazing Results Through Customized Skin Care

There are new medical spas popping up all over the place that promise results and tout technology, but do they truly deliver what they promise and provide real value for your time and money? Thankfully, Dr. Brown, Susan and the skilled staff at Sensational Skin take the guesswork out of skin health and help their patients reach their goal of beautiful skin.

“We offer our patients a thorough education on their skin care needs while designing treatment plans that are custom-tailored to meet each patient’s goals. Our patient’s goals are the focus of our practice”, Susan Brown said. Susan is normally the first person you meet at Sensational Skin. She is an abundant resource for patient education.

“Building an honest, trusting relationship with our patients is paramount,” she continues. “While information in the media about skin care services and medical technologies can be found in abundance, I spend a great deal of time helping patients separate fact from fiction. The quality of our skin care program is never compromised. We don’t over-promise or push patients into undergoing unnecessary treatments. Similarly, not every skin care procedure and treatment is necessarily the right answer for each patient. Should a patient insist on a procedure that isn’t appropriate for the condition of their skin and skin type, we explain why we are offering an alternative procedure that we feel will provide their desired result.”

FDA approved Smoothbeam™ Laser

Acne, Acne Scars, and Periorbital Wrinkles can now be treated with the newest in laser technology.

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Sensational Skin’s Acne Laser Treatment Center uses the FDA approved SmoothbeamLaser for treating acne, acne scars, and periorbital wrinkles. We put into practice the latest research with the most advanced medications, treatments, and technology to help to clear existing blemishes, ease inflammation, resurface scars, and work to prevent future breakouts*. Utilizing innovative Light and Heat Energy™ (LHE), new medical studies show that acne can be drastically improved with the Smoothbeam™ Laser. This acne laser treatment works to stop the formation of acne pustules. Many individuals do not respond adequately to traditional continuous acne treatments. With the Smoothbeam™ Laser you can revitalize your skin’s youthful appearance by smoothing away periorbital wrinkles and acne scars with no downtime and minimal pain. A dramatic improvement can be achieved after 4 treatments with long lasting benefits*.

Actual Patients
Individual results may vary.

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DISCLAIMER: The extent of the response to the laser acne treatment impacting personal results, varies from patient to patient.

*Individual results may vary


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