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Patient Reviews

I completed a series of coolsculpting treatments with sensational skin and I had fantastic results! Coolsculpting really works. The staff was knowledge and very friendly. I’d recommend to everyone.

“I had fantastic results!”

I’d highly recommend cool sculpting here. I found the staff to be professional, kind, and friendly and helped to guide me thru the process. Very discrete and conscientious with the treatments I received. Updated media systems with access to various streaming options to keep you entertained while getting a treat

“I found the staff to be professional, kind, and friendly”

Came in for some botox for my Crow’s feet and a couple lines on my forehead. Doctor Brown was very gentle with administring the shots and hit the areas needed. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. Definitely will return for any other Injections if needed.

“Definitely will return for any other Injections if needed.”

They are a team husband and wife that truly care about individuals! I came to them approximately 2 years ago; very broken, beat up and hurting from going through a family court battle for my child and the wonderful CPS and judges that support such corruption. Let me say I lost the battle. My life was a wreck and all I wanted was to feel human and alive again. I showed up for a lip injection and wanting to know what could be done to my face, cause I looked terrible – you know like I went through hell on a broom stick and lost!

Susan the wife of Dr. Kent Brown sat down with me, in heart that day. She listened to my wants and well gave me my needs. She didn’t sell me anything she gifted me beauty for ashes (just like the bible says would happen for those who believe). They peeled my face taking the layers of cancer face off, perked up my cheeks and smoothed out the wrinkles with some botox. During the procedure she kept saying “Trust me” even though I was broken and trusted no-one I did for some weird reason. Susan and the doctor were gentle, happy, and accepting of me. They didn’t see a broken women with a beat up face, they saw a beauty who had been beaten up. Well that’s how I felt at least.

They restored my former beauty to better than what it was when I was in my 20’s!!! Ask them for pictures of Shanon! My before and after pictures or find me on Instagram cagedfreedomcoaching

With all my heart this family serves their patients with love, honesty and with our beauty in mind. They even helped me out by collecting items to help with a foster kid project for The SPIFI Foundation helping women over come, women empowerment, and foster kids, autism, homeless veterans & horses!

Please do go see them and ask to see my before and after photos. They can restore any face and body issues! Im so confident now, I’m on a youtube show, competing in body building competitions, and after a profound session or so, I’ll be able to compete for the bikini!!! Ive never ever, ever done this.

Thank you for reading.

“They are a team husband and wife that truly care about individuals!”

Dr. Brown and his staff are AWESOME! Started coming here for microneedling and in search of a new product line. I was introduced to the ZO Medical by Susan and haven’t looked back! They have both worked wonders for my skin. I have received CoolSculpting and Velashape as well and my results have been so satisfying. The medical esthetician are so friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable – I have never walked in not feeling welcomed or walked out unhappy. NOW I HAVE TO BRAG! Came in for fillers (I have always wanted them) and I’m obsessed! Dr. Brown is so diligent and detailed with his work. AN ABSOLUTE ARTIST! He filled my cheeks so I had more of contour, defied my chin, and gave some volume to my lips. Such a game changer yet a totally natural look! I would highly recommend Sensational Skin and rate their staff and quality of work 10/10!

“Such a game changer”

I visited multiple places that do this same procedure for consultations and none of those other places compares to this office. They did a great job explaining everything and honestly the cost was much lower than all the other places I had visited. The results I received were more than I expected. If you are unsure whether CoolSculpting works or not . It does ! I highly recommend sensational skin. They are the experts at many things, and especially CoolSculpting. I was amazed when I looked at the before after pics on skin stuff. I was looking for a established medical office that has been In business for a long time. Best decision I ever made. My results from 1 treatment are better than I thought. They explained that I may want more fat reduction on other areas that also bothered me.

“They are the experts at many things”

Hi Susan. It felt so great to return to the office today. I simply feel it is the most well run and professional med spa in the City. Your staff is superior and I simply love Dr Brown. I did not ge to say hello as you were in a procedure. Thanks again for a top notch team. If you need any mid fifty Profound procedure trainee volunteers please count me in. I am simply sold on the procedure in a number of areas. Fondly.

“Your staff is superior and I simply love Dr. Brown”

I shopped around a bit before going through with Coolsculpting, this being my last stop. I was nervous of this location because of previous reviews, but Susan was awesome. Very informative, and a pleasure the entire time.

I came in with my sister and she had the same great expirence. Everyone was attentive and accomidatomg.

The office was clean and bright. The procedure room had a giant tv, and tons of options for things to watch, with a Bose sound system!

It was an amazing experience and I am recommending this location to everyone.

“It was an amazing experience and I am recommending this location to everyone”

I have had really great experiences with the knowledgeable staff. The treatments are really effective and they have a range of techniques for different ages and skin types. Prices are very reasonable too. I encourage people to check it out.

“The treatments are really effective”

AMAZING experience!! I’ve been looking to get micro-needling done, but wanted to make sure I was referred to someone rather than just going to a place on a whim. I heard great things about this facility and Gabi (my tech) in specific. After I filled out paper work, I was taken back into one of the rooms. Gabi explained the process to me in full before we got started. She explained to me that client comfort is very important to her, therefore, I did sit with lidocaine on my entire face for about an hour to ensure I was fully numb. I was comfortable during the hour….She even got me a blanket when I said I was a little cold!!! The actual micro-needling was PAINLESS. I was shocked! She asked me multiple times if I could feel anything during and explained to me the proper after care and exactly what to expect. Honestly, it’s so hard to find places that truly care about client comfort above anything else. She was meticulous, friendly, comforting and extremely knowledgeable. You definitely get what you pay for!!! I would highly recommend this office for any procedure you’re looking for.

“AMAZING experience!”
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