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Skin pigmentation problems are different for everyone. Some are very superficial while others are deep and require a different approach. Treatment for spots or pigmentation can range from topical to more aggressive oil control, lasers, and or peels. If you are currently in treatment and your condition is getting worse, we understand how to reverse control pigmentation.

Your Treatment Options for Brown Spots/Melasma/Sun Damage

Topical Options – With prescribed medication products, you can significantly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and sun damage. Products such as Melamin-C, Retin-A and Brightenex help treat severe hyperpigmentation, texture damage and improves overall quality of the skin.

Actual Patient
Individual results may vary.

ZO Medical – Medical skin care that dramatically improves skin and returns it back to its healthy natural state. ZO products treats hyperpigmentation, melasma, brown spots and other skin conditions. Medical skin products that help prevent future damage and protect skin.

PhotoFacial– Light energy is delivered through the surface of your skin to improve skin pigmentation, reduces the appearance of sun damage and sun spots. After only one treatment, you will notice your skin having a more even tone and a smoother feel.

Microneedling – Helps reduce hyperpigmentation by peeling the top layer of the skin to produce normal melanocyte. This procedure is very helpful to patients that are very sensitive to pigmentation induced heat lasers. By shedding the top layer of your skin, it minimizes the appearance of brown spots and sun damage. Microneedling has an advantage of treatment without laser, that for some people can cause pigmentation to get worse.

Chemical Peels – Chemical peels such as the 3 step peel and Obagi blue peel help treat hyperpigmentation and discoloration by removing the damaged surface layers of your skin. With minimal downtime, peels are quick and easy but highly effective in getting your skin back to healthy vibrance.

We are experts at treatment for pigmentation problems. We spend a great deal of time with you to treat and maintain even skin tone.

Please call us at 480-596-9111, or email us a request for an appointment.

*Individual results may vary


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