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Laser Resurfacing Scottsdale

Dramatic Solutions for Wrinkles, Scars and Aging Skin

Your face is the one part of your body that others view first. In its youth, it is plump with collagen and noticeably contoured. For those who are blessed, it often glows with clearness.

As we age, the skin doesn’t just wrinkle. It often loses volume and this gives the face a deflated look. Dr. Brown stated, “ A facelift surgically removes excess skin but doesn’t address the texture or quality of the skin itself. When you resurface a patient’s skin into the dermis, the skin repairs itself by growing a new dermis and epidermis. The patient achieves not only much younger-looking skin, but brand new tissue that they just grew, and it is their tissue! That is what is so miraculous about skin resurfacing-you regrow your very own, baby-soft, beautiful skin! Your skin doesn’t just look younger, it is younger because it is brand new.”*

Franctional laser resurfacing offers dramatic results.* Until more recent technology was added to the CO2 laser, the downside was that CO2 laser resurfacing usually required a significant healing period.

The fractional CO2 hand-piece has given Dr. Brown a breakthrough anti-aging treatment that combines the effectiveness of C02 laser resurfacing with a density-adjusted laser technology that leaves “bridges” of untouched tissue within the skin. A high-energy beam of non-sequential laser light smooths out lines, wrinkles and scars, reducing brown spots and other irregularities while stimulating the formation of new underlying collage. The treated skin naturally tightens and firms as it heals. Initial results can be dramatic, while patients typically see continued improvement as collagen remodeling continues over a four-to-six month period after treatment. *

“The fractional CO2 laser safely delivers outstanding results in a single treatment with minimal downtime. Patients are usually back to work in three to four days, whereas recovery from a high-density, higher energy treatment used to address more advanced skin laxity or wrinkles, may take seven to ten days. Each patient’s case is based upon his or her individual needs and circumstance,” Dr. Brown said.*

Dr. Brown pointed out that the fractional CO2 laser he uses is a very versatile tool with features like variable energy levels and cool scans. “The cool scan setting allows the skin to cool before receiving another beam of light in the area. Less heat in the skin tissue not only makes it more comfortable for the patient, but also reduces the likelihood of damaging skin organelles, causing the loss of pigmentation.*


The newest generation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser delivers short bursts of extremely high-energy laser light to the skin. This vaporizes the aged, damaged skin, one layer at a time to be replaced with new skin as it heals. This procedure offers a controlled depth of penetration of the skin surface, allowing treatment of even the most delicate facial areas.*


  • Wrinkles*
  • Eyelid drooping*
  • Bags under eyes*
  • Upper lip wrinkles*
  • Fine lines and deep Wrinkles*
  • Tightens the eye lid areas (eyelid lift)*
  • Skin tone, texture and discoloration*
  • Acne scars*
  • Rejuvenates neck skin*

Our practice prides itself in offering leading edge technology to enhance the results of the aesthetic services we offer to our patient’s. The Lumenis UltraPulse® Encore™ laser offers our medical office in Scottsdale amazing non-surgical results to rebuild skin to youthfulness.*

Having learned many of skin philosophies from Dr. Zein Obagi, he attacks skin problems helping patient’s achieve and maintain beautiful youthful skin. Using the incredible training he received from Dr. Obagi in 2000, Dr. Brown can deliver the best products (ZO® Medical products) and procedures that deliver the best patient results.*

*Individual Results May Vary

While IPL systems and other technologies can offer good results for vessels, red flushing and dark spots, the results on wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars and skin laxity are less impressive. However, a laser skin resurfacing procedure is ideal for reducing wrinkle lines, uneven pigment, lift and tighten eyelids, and sun-damaged skin. The UltraPulse Encore allows Dr. Brown to tailor treatment to meet the needs of your individual skin and lifestyle. An ActiveFX procedure provides low-density “fractional” laser resurfacing ideal for smoothing fine lines and uneven pigment. MaxFX Laser is our most popular procedure and is a higher-density treatment that offers profound results where skin damage has occurred at a deeper level, beneath the uppermost layer of the skin. The results have giving patients back the young skin that they say they had in their 20’s and 30’s.*

ActiveFX takes “fractional” laser resurfacing to the next level. If you have noticed age spots, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores or have acne scars, then ActiveFX or Deeper Laser may be right for you. With ActiveFX, most patients achieve remarkable improvement with a single treatment.*

If you can take a little longer recovery period, and desire treatment for deep wrinkles and skin damage, then a MaxFX laser procedure might be the best option. We offer free consultation with the Dr.’s assistant to understand everything from pre-conditioning through recovery from your laser. For both ActiveFX and MaxFX, special advanced laser technology offers the added benefit of stimulating the formation of new, underlying collagen, which provides better support for the skin and continued improvement over the next 6-8 months.*

The Ultra Pulse Encore has already helped thousands of patients in our practice.

Active FX / Deep FX Laser Therapy

Not ready for a surgical facelift? Are you nervous about riskier surgical procedures? Active FX Laser Treatment or Max FX uses a fractional CO2 laser, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles, sunspots, as well as, stimulates collagen and improves overall skin texture, in a single 2 hour treatment.*

How does an MaxFX/TotalFX laser work?

An Active/Deep FX treatment uses the Lumenis Ultrapulse Fractional CO2 Laser to interact with the skin’s surface causing the upper layer of the skin surface to peel off and regenerate a new layer of healthy skin. This healing process then stimulates collagen.*

*Individual Results May Vary

What results will I see with an ActiveFX/DeepFX treatment?

  • Tighten Facial skin*
  • Minimizes pigmentation*
  • Reduces fine lines around mouth*
  • Firm and smoothen your skin*
  • Improves skin texture*
  • Minimize pores*
  • Improve that uneven skin tone*
  • Minimize pores*
  • 4 -10 days recovery*

What areas can I do an ActiveFX or DeepFX treatment?

  • Face*
  • Neck*
  • Décolleté (upper chest)*
  • Hands*

Can I get a MaxFx on my eyes and a lighter laser on my neck and chest?

Yes! We are experts at customizing procedure to the patient’s needs. Dr. Brown has been a Physician for over 20 years and has the experience and knowledge to help you get the skin you want.

Combined Procedures

Dr. Kent Brown frequently combines multiple procedures to achieve “Wow” results. Chemical peel for skin tightening + Ultherapy for Deep Facial Lifting + Fractional laser CO2 (Deep Wrinkles & Scars) + VOLUMA® to instantly add volume to your cheek area + Perlane-L® for hollow temples.* Schedule an appointment to come in for a free consultation and see if how combined procedures with laser treatment is right for you.

*Individual results may vary


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