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Patient Reviews

At the age of 53, I had experienced many major changes I my life. I decided that it was time to do something good fo myself. I had acne scars since my teenage years. No matter how I tried, it was difficult to hide them with make-up. This gave me an incentive to explore options that would give me a more youthful appearance and minimize my scarring.”
“I called several professional offices before calling Sensational Skin. When I spoke with their staff, I felt so comfortable explaining the change that I wanted to make in my skin tone and texture. Without reservation, I made an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Brown and Susan met with me at length, first explaining my treatment options and then working with me to design a treatment plan. In the beginning, I underwent an Obagi Blue Peel. This worked well for a while; however it seemed that my acne scars were beginning to resurface. I met with Dr. Brown and Susan again and decided to resurface my skin on a deeper level with the fractional CO2 laser. After the treatment and recovery time, my skin looks just beautiful. To enhance my new look, Dr. Brown used injectable fillers like Sculptra, Perlane and Restalyne to give my cheeks and lips a more defined shape.

My mother taught me to enjoy life to its fullest. I feel better about my life now than I ever have. Regaining beautiful skin and a more youthful appearance has certainly been rewarding for me!

“I feel better about my life now than I ever have”

One morning I looked in the mirror and saw my mother! My skin had aged dramatically and I looked so old. My husband and I are avid motorcycle riders and the sun and wind had taken their toll on my skin.

“I saw an ad for a skin rejuvenation treatment called fractional CO2. I began to research the procedure to see if it would improve the appearance of my skin. All of the research that I found claimed positive results for the procedure. Given that, I booked an appointment at Sensational Skin and began my pursuit of a more youthful appearance!
“Susan Brown initially met with me and confirmed that the fractional CO2 procedure could rejuvenate the appearance of my skin. Dr. Brown began my treatment plan with Botox injections that smoothed the skin on my forehead. A week following this, I had the fractional CO2 treatment. My skin looked dramatically improved following my recovery. I decided to have one more CO2 treatment under my eyes and around my mouth, combined with a Blue Peel treatment applied to my face, neck and chest. Both procedures were performed under anesthesia. Once this healed, I was ecstatic about the change in my skin tone and texture.

Sculptra and Radiesse injections were used to enhance the appearance of my checks and Restalyne has given my lips a fuller shape. The skin on my forehead has now tightened to the point that I no longer use Botox injections.

I still ride my motorcycle and have since been on a 5,000 mile ride. However, I now protect my face and neck with a full windshield attached to my helmet. I love my new look and it has given me a refreshed outlook on life. I feel younger and I know that the treatments have taken years off my appearance. In fact, one of my co-workers asked to see how I looked after I had walked past her. I was delighted when I turned in time to watch her chin fall due to her surprise!

“I love my new look”

I have been coming to this place for over 8 years. Not only have they helped me look better but they have also helped both my beautiful daughters through skin issues.

I highly recommend this place. They are sincere people who care about the work they do.

“I highly recommend this place”

After some 30 years motorcycle riding, my skin needed some serious attention. The sun spots and sun damage was starting to really look bad. I was referred to sensational skin from a friend that gets laser treatment for acne scars. I talked with Susan and Dr. Brown, I complained about the skin on my lids and bags under my eyes. The Dr. said that I needed a laser to tighten and fix my skin damage.

They did a light laser, using a bright light treatment and all my spots started to wash off in a few days. He put me on some skin creams I rub in my skin that makes the treatment fast. Dr. Brown also injected filler under my eyes. I already look more rested and not so old! My skin, although a little red, is looking much better.

My buddy, that referred me, said they are “very aggressive” but get the job done, “so just go with it.”

I am scheduled to have the laser treatment to fix my eyelids and wrinkles next week. The doc says I will need to hang at home a few days to recover. So glad I found them, they don’t mess around and fix your skin quickly.

They are very straight to the point! No BS. Also, I liked that the Dr. Rides also. He has his Indian Motorcycle, parked in front.

“They don’t mess around”

I went in today for the CoolSculpting. The staff is very informative and welcoming. Cleanliness is very important to me and this place is sparkling. During my treatment I was made very comfortable and cozy. I even got to watch a movie! I can’t say anything about results because this type of treatment takes time. I’m returning on Monday to get the Vela Shape. I can’t say enough good things about the staff. Great experience and I’m looking forward to my next treatment!

“I can’t say enough good things”

I love Sensational Skin!

I tried literally everything for multiple years to try to get my skin cleared and nothing worked. With the help of Susan and her staff, I was able to achieve clear skin in a few short months. It was a struggle at first (lots of peeling, red, irritation, etc), but Smoothbeam Acne Laser Treatment, DermaPen, and Obagi skincare saved my skin. I have been able to cut back on treatments because of how much my skin has improved. I will be forever grateful for Susan and her staff!

They are always able to fit me into the schedule, and they always take care of me well. 🙂 I recommend Sensational Skin to anyone and everyone!

“I will be forever grateful”
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