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HCG Weight Loss Program Scottsdale

HCG is the most exciting development in medical weight loss! H-C-G stands for Human Chorionic Gonadatropin.

HCG Weight LossThis natural hormone, helps you burn stored fat, which creates rapid weight loss. It targets the fat that tends to accumulate around the waist and stomach, allowing you to lose inches while you lose weight!*

People, who have struggled with a slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, menopause, or even those last few annoying 10 pounds, are finally losing weight and they are losing it fast! HCG activates the hypothalamus gland and causes your body to use your stored fat for energy; similar to the way your body uses calories you eat for energy.

This medication is taken twice daily and it is done in conjunction with a low-calorie diet. Sensational Skin offers only medical grade HCG with Lipotropic fat burner injections. We only offer our patients the sublingual form of HCG, eliminating the need for inconvenient and painful HCG shots.

The HCG we offer is provided as easy to use HCG tablets. The tablets are perfect for patients who travel frequently, or want the convenience of not having to mix or refrigerate their medication. Sensational Skin in Scottsdale prescribes a higher calorie diet then Dr. Simeons’ protocol. This method has had great success.

The HCG we use is given once to twice daily. Following a low calorie diet without proper medication and doctor supervision is not safe or healthy. Medical supervision is required to insure patients receive the necessary nutrients for safe, healthy, and effective weight loss. We can customize one of our diet programs to meet a patients specific needs, insuring they get the most out of their program.

Details and procedures will be discussed with you by Dr. Brown and his staff during your appointment. HCG has no side effects and, typically, between HCG and the diet, our patients will lose an average of 12 to 20 pounds per month. * The first month of the program includes your office visit, lab work, body composition analysis, low-calorie diet plan, and HCG for the month. Patients are seen every 30 days by one of our providers to check their progress and to receive a medication refill.

HCG: Pharmaceutical vs. Homeopathic

With the variety of diet options available today, it can be very confusing to determine which is the safest and most appropriate program to choose. Most likely, you want to achieve optimal weight loss results, safely and in a realistic time period.

At Sensational Skin we think it is very important to educate our patients about these products and programs, so that they can make safe and healthy choices to achieve their weight loss goals.

Not all HCG is created equal. This hormone is creating amazing results for patients, and attracting a lot of interest. When you purchase over- the- counter versions or buy HCG on the Internet, you are not receiving a pharmaceutical or medical grade HCG product.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons found that 125 IUs (international units of HCG hormone) is required and must be administered daily in order for the hypothalamus to trigger the release of abnormal fat when the body is in deprivation. Pharmaceutical HCG hormone medication must contain a minimum of 125 IUs, be physician prescribed, obtained, manufactured and dispensed from a reputable US based pharmacy.

Homeopathic HCG is a liquid preparation comprised of a mixture of vitamins, herbal stimulants and trace amounts of HCG.

When you are serious about your weight loss, it is time to call the friendly staff at Sensational Skin at 1-877-596-9111 to get started.

Sensational Skin has been serving Scottsdale & Phoenix Arizona with non-surgical cosmetic skin and body treatments since 1998.

*Individual results may vary


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